The comprehensive golf options at Quisisana Palace Carlsbad.
Carlsbad offers golf lovers an unbelievable variety of golf courses for every handicap and for every taste - whether it is a course in a picturesque river valley or lying between forests. The courses can be classic Scottish-Irish, or in a more modern style. The Quisisana Palace Carlsbad has a special green fee agreement for its guests with seven golf clubs in the area. All of these courses are in the direct vicinity of this exquisite lifestyle boutique hotel and thus easily accessible. If you want to enhance your stay in Carlsbad with a stylish round of golf, you’ve come to the right place at the Quisisana Palace.

Astoria Golf Club Cihelny 
18-hole golf course / 10 Minutes
The Astoria Golf Course is only 5 km outside of Karlovy Vary. This 18-hole championship course opend in May 2001 and holds the Best Quality Course of the Year Award by the legendary magazine
Golf Digest C & S.

Golf Resort Karlovy Vary
18-hole Golfcourse / 10 Minutes
Established in year 1904, this wonderful golfcourse is the "oldest" golf resort within the Czech Republic. Designed by architect C. Noskowski -  this golfcourse is a "must" for every golfer. A wonderful place with a mature tree population.

Golf Club Háje
9-hole golf course / 20 minutes
This golf course was designed in 2005 to fit into the gently undulating terrain of the Slavkov Forest in such a way that the players can enjoy captivating views of the surrounding countryside. The isle green - hole No. 9 offers the chance to practice a precise golf play. In 2012, a new clubhouse opened

Golf Sokolov
18-hole Golfcourse  / 20 Minutes
This new Golfcourse is located between the cities Sokolov and Dolni Rychnov. Opened in May 2006 and serves as a tournament golfcourse for the PGA Czech Golf Series.

Golf Resort Franzensbad
18-hole Golfcourse / 30 Minutes
The golf course was opened in 2002 in the charming countryside of the Ohre river basin, a natural protected area. A 18-hole golf course with the length of 6,114 m and a classification of 72 par. This challenging golf course is situated in Hazlov near Františkovy Lázně - just behind the German border.

Golf Club Klášter Teplá
9-hole Golfcourse / 30 Minutes
The golf area is spread across the beautiful environment of Slavkov Forest, only 13 km from Mariánské Lázně and 30 km from Karlovy Vary. The construction of the golf course has been completed in steps since 1996 and nowadays you will find a 9-hole course.

Golf Club Kynžvart
18-hole Golfcourse / 40 Minutes
Golf Club Kynžvart is one of the youngest golf clubs in the Czech Republic. The club is located in the Slavkov Forest.

Royal Golf Club Marienbad
18-hole Golfcourse / 40 Minutes
The course at the M. Lázně Golf Club is an example of the traditional type of Scottish and Irish courses of their time. The course was founded and inaugurated on 21 August 1905 by King Edward VII of the United Kingdom.

Sometimes bad weather interfers with your golf plans. But not during your vacation in Carlsbad. The Indoor-Golf-Resort at the golf course Carlsbad Olsova Vrata offers two full golf simulators, a 70 m2 putting green, a swing analyzer and a bar with snacks.  A golf adventure for up to 5 persons and a parking space is waiting in front of the door.
It does not matter if you are a golf beginner or already a more advanced golfer – here you are able to perfect your swing with Pro trainer lessons.

Rent your golf clubs or a whole set.

Possible reservation times:   Mon - Sun: 10:00 am – 3:00 pm and 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm
For more information, please do not hesitate to contact our reception team at the staff at  Quisisana Palace.
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